ID Trakamark Security Plates & Labels

Protect, track and identify your valuables when you are on the move for work or pleasure

We all enjoy the freedom of taking our portable items, such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, even bicycles, when we’re on the move, but what if they’re stolen, or you simply forget and leave them behind when you’re out and about?

You have more chance of retrieving your items lost or stolen from trains/buses/restaurants/bars from the police or from lost property collections preventing them from eventually being sold at auction if they are labelled with a Trakamark unique ID plate.

In these days of data theft and hacking it makes sense to protect both your portable personal and business equipment and its contents as much as possible and most importantly the irreplaceable contents such as personal and sensitive business information.

A cost-effective visual theft deterrent

Using our cost-effective security labels and plates can help you reduce the risk and even recover your lost items via the FREE for life unique ID numbers registered on our secure database.

Once registered you get a FREE 24/7 recovery telephone number to register a loss or theft on the secure database so that you can be notified easily if your lost item has been found.

The database is recognised to appropriate security standards and works closely with the police and other forces to help investigate and identify the rightful owner. Find out more here.

Security Labels

Security Label

For tablets, mobiles and curved surfaces such as bike frames, tools, cameras etc, features include:

  • Solid aluminium foil, 51 x 19mm, 0.08mm thick
  • A warning message plus your unique ID number embedded in the surface
  • Secured with Very Hard Bond 3M adhesive- the best on the market
  • No tattoo possible but attempts to remove will break up label

Security Plates

Security Plates

For flat surfaces only, features include:

  • Solid aluminium, 64 x 44mm, 0.3mm thickness
  • All details including unique ID number embedded in the surface
  • Heat, abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Secured with Very Hard Bond 3M adhesive plus Super Glue – the best on the market
  • Leaves a tattoo on the item’s surface if plate is forcibly removed